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Troubleshooting a Drain Field PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 23 June 2010 12:53
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If you have installed a septic tank because you are interested in being self-sufficient or simply out of necessity, an important element to keep it functioning well to maintain the flow field. Problems with the septic field will affect the septic system and can cause plumbing problems in your home, you must solve problems quickly to minimize the amount of work required. The solutions below will help keep your system of waste disposal works effectively.
Check septic system

If you experience problems with the plumbing backed up and the water level in the septic tank is high, it suggests a problem with the flow field. A normal water level indicates that the problem is either in the internal plumbing or in the lines connecting the house to the tank.
Sludge Build-Up

The drain field lines can be blocked if the sludge accumulating in the bottom of the septic tank. To avoid this, you should have a regular schedule for pumping and inspection of the vessel. The frequency of maintenance depends on the size of your tank and the occupancy of your home, but normally a service interval between 1 and 3 years is recommended. Check with the manufacturer to obtain a more accurate estimate of your personal situation.
Line Blocking

If the drain pipes on the ground are blocked, it will cause the waste to begin to accumulate in the tank, then save your home. Lines may also be affected by the compression caused by driving a vehicle on the surface or a new building, even one as small as a shed. Tree roots are another cause of problems with drainage lines, because they can be installed on the pipe, or compress. Blocked, compressed or damaged pipes must be dug up and either cleaned or replaced.
Drainfield saturated

If you have pumped and cleaned the septic system and there are no problems with lines, but you still have problems with the sewage flowing into the reservoir, it indicates that your drainfield is saturated. You'll need to either extend the scope or have remediated to allow it to begin to absorb the waste again. When choosing a new drain field, be sure to test the porosity of the soil and make sure that the tree roots will clog it. Do not build on the field or the drain cover, ideally the top surface should be grass is mowed regularly.
Be proactive

Preventing problems through proper planning at the facility. Choose a location suitable drain field and size so you do not need to change it later because it can be costly and impractical. Install filters to prevent the lint from your washing done that makes its way to the septic tank because it can also cause blockages. An effluent filter installed in the tank will prevent solid waste entering the pipes and cause a blockage. Running too much or too little water in the tank can cause operational problems. Try not to do more than two loads of laundry per day and make sure you water regularly cycle in the reservoir during periods of cold weather to prevent pipes from freezing.

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