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3 Common Causes of the Water Hammer Effect PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 23 June 2010 13:10
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The hammer is commonly found in dishwashers, washing machines or toilets. The effect is created when water flow is suddenly cut off causing a buildup of pressure to be released immediately. The fact is confirmed by a thud that can be heard when the water stops. It is important to understand the common causes of water hammer effect. water hammer can damage pipes and cause a costly repair or replacement of any appliance you own.

The common causes of water hammer effect to the unit and pipes in the home include cutting water supply suddenly an interruption of water service to homes and closing a valve water quickly. These cases can be treated to prevent your equipment from the effect of water hammer.
Turn off water supply

When the water supply to your home is suddenly and brutally cut it causes the water hammer. This results in a crash that sounded like the screeching of car brakes followed by a boom box or bang. The pressure to accumulate in the pipes is released and dispersed throughout the system. The same effect happens if you were walking, people line and suddenly the first person stops abruptly, causing everyone behind to stack against each other.
Interruption of water supply to home

Any disruption in your home water supply is suddenly will also bring the water hammer effect being created. If the utility work taking place near you or a flood or other damage that causes a water pipe burst in the main city, the effect of this will be the crash of water and release of pressure through the water hammer effect. Turn off appliances and turn off the taps when you're away from home or using water will delay or prevent the effect of a hammer on your dishwasher, washing machine and other devices that are connected to water pipes in the house.
Extinguish a valve too quickly

If you work at home when a device is in the water such as washing machines or dishwashers and close the valve once it will produce a back pressure which will be published as a hammer. This can easily be avoided by ensuring that any work you are doing that requires you to close the water should be undertaken when the equipment is running.

Some situations that create a water hammer in your home can be avoided, while others may not be. For situations that may inhibit water hammer, be careful and make sure you have anything that can help create this situation. For these situations beyond your control, request information or ask your insurance company how you can be compensated for any resulting damage caused by water hammer.

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