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5 Ways to Repair Your Damaged Windows Fans PDF Print E-mail
Written by Muzaam   
Thursday, 24 June 2010 10:57
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In many cases, using a window fan in your home can help move the air and make your home more comfortable without the expense of an air conditioner. However, if the fan in your window stops working properly, you can either buy a new or attempt repair yourself. Most problems with window fans are relatively easy to repair, and can be done if you have a basic understanding of electricity and electrical circuits and are handy with some basic tools. So here are some tips on how to repair a broken window fan.
Check the cord or Power Switch

First of all, you should check the cord or switch your window fan for continuity. Over time, the son power can be damaged or bent in a way that allowed electricity to be properly conducted. To check the continuity of your electrical cord or power switch online, use a multi-meter set on RX1 (resistance times 1). You will need to unplug the power cord from the window of your fan to do so. If you are not sure how to test the continuity of an electrical cord, a search engine on the Internet for instructions step by step. If a damaged cord or power switch line is the culprit, just replace it.
Check for blown fuses or damaged wiring

Many fans of the window now use the protection fuse to protect the fan motor window of overheating or damage. Check the zone wiring of your house window fan to see if a fuse has blown and must be replaced. Some fans use a fuse in line rather than a common light bulb type. Also check for burnt or broken son who may be keeping your engine fan receive power. Replace the fuse or reconnect broken or damaged son who may be required.
The lubrication of the motor shaft

Another problem common to all types of fans, fan window, not only is a lack of lubricant on the shaft of the motor. Remove the blades of the tree, and lubricate the shaft with high quality lubricant. With graphite or silicon-based lubricant is usually the best because they provide the most gentle rotation of the shaft and last the longest.
Stop Snoring in your window fan

If your window fan is exceptionally strong buzz occurs, it is probably because the rings in the window fan is dry or damaged hair. To determine if the bushings are bad, take the fan apart and clean the front and rear rings and oil lightly. If the hum continues, you'll need to change your bushings window fan.
Replace motor

If you've tried everything and your window fan still does not work, then your engine fan is probably defective and should be replaced. Remove the motor of the fan and take it with you to your local home improvement store. If your local home improvement store does not carry a spare engine, visit a store and ask for a power supply suitable replacement. Alternatively, you can call the manufacturer and see if they have a spare engine is available for your device.

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