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5000 BTU Air Conditioner PDF Print E-mail
Written by Muzaam   
Thursday, 24 June 2010 11:04
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The most affordable options for your home extra cooling is a 5,000 BTU air conditioner, which usually cost anywhere between $ 75 and $ 300. Set at 5,000 BTUs of power, the less powerful air conditioners at home. Therefore, the types of air conditioners that you find in this power range are limited to mobile units and units of window. An air conditioner with this output is fit enough BTUs to cool a space ranging from 150-250 square feet. At best, it can cool small rooms or to supplement a central cooling system that can not reach all corners of space.
Brands 5000 BTU

Generally, the brands you will find this offering products with low power are limited to Frigidaire, Haier, Friedrich, Danby, LG. Of these, only Danby produced a portable, stand-alone model with casters for easy mobility. Other manufacturers produce units of windows.
When choosing an air conditioner 5000 BTU

The best way to use an air conditioner with a BTU output of 5000 are small rooms, bathrooms, shops, small garage or large venues that may not get as cool as you like with the central system. They are not really equipped to handle larger spaces. Despite this, many of the same features found on other more powerful air conditioners, such as fan-only settings, timer, remote control and an EER competitive, can be included in a 5000 BTU model.

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