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Troubleshooting a Bathtub that Will Not Drain PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 25 June 2010 09:01
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The drain of your bathtub usually get a great deal of use so it's not inevitable that there will be times when it is clogged or had a problem drain. These methods to keep in mind when you drain your bathtub does not seem to function effectively:


You must drain your bathtub to deal with a lot of things such as hair, and personal care products, soap, molds, for example, but a few. The reason is most likely that the bathtub is not draining because there is a blockage in the drain. You'll have to remove the obstacles and perhaps treatment with drain cleaner to break through any debris that is too far in vain bathtub for you to access.


Manual or electric snakes are very useful tools to ensure that the bathtub drain keeps your clear they are formed specifically to fit the winding down until the tubes.

First, use a screwdriver to remove the drain cover. It will also need to remove the trip lever (widget, which controls whether the migration of open or closed). The next thing that should come out is grate Migration (also removable with a screwdriver). Once in the drain is clear, and place on a snake in the pipe, and push down until you feel the block. Pull the snake out and you must withdraw by the blockage as well. May require this process is repeated several times to remove the blockage completely.


Liquid drain cleaners are the most popular way to clear the tub and sinks because not everyone has a snake or other tools that a plumber. To ensure safety, and make sure there are no children around when you use this method. You also need to wear a pair of dish washing or rubber gloves for extra protection.

Before pouring the liquid drain cleaner down the drain a bathtub, and make sure that everything you can remove with your hands has gone because it would allow migration of liquid cleaner to work more efficiently on the obstacles which can not be seen. The use of liquid drain cleaner in accordance with the instructions of the bottle and when you are finished, be sure to store it where children and pets can reach it.

If, after the use of liquid drain cleaner, and you feel your bathtub drain is still not working correctly, try using the snakes and you might see more improvement.


Most people do not use only divers toilets but they can work wonders in the bathtub clogged drains too. Before using the plunger, make sure to remove the trip lever and push a piece of damp cloth in the inaugural flight of a crane to create more clouds. Push up and down with the diver should be able to block and clear easily.


Is an efficient and inexpensive to ensure that the bathtub drain is not your remains clear is the use of refinery bathtub. This is a thin disk of metal with small holes in it which is made of wire mesh. This is just a place through the drain and you will see that the water can still be lost, while the hair, and prevents soap and other products for do so,

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