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Adding a Hand Held Shower Head: Mistakes to Avoid PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 25 June 2010 10:22
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In the head hand shower offers several advantages over a steady rain. If you have a sore back, for example, you can spray water directly on the ground that will benefit from the heat. It is not difficult to install a hand shower head, but there are many mistakes you must avoid to ensure that work is going well.
Removing the old head

You must be careful removing the old shower head, especially if you are going to use it again. Wrap a piece of leather around the nut before tightening your key, what will you do not end up scratching the metal. If there is teflon tape on pipe threads, you must remove it before mounting the hand shower head.

Always ensure that water is off before starting work. Run the shower until there water stops flowing.

Shower Arms

You must ensure that you attach to the hand shower head shower arm as close as possible to avoid any possible leaks. Use teflon tape on the threads for a much better fit. If there are still leaks to be extremely careful when tightening the key or you may damage the threads.

As for the old shower head, wrap the nut in a thick cloth or leather. If you do not have the key and sliding, scratching the metal that will leave its unsightly condition.

If the shower head fixed to a support which must be fixed to the wall Use tape on the tiles before drilling holes. Not doing so could lead to cracking of tiles, which means that you must replace the tile. This would be a long frustrating task that could be avoided.
Mounting Cross T

With a common T Cross, you need to do two attachments to include the spouses to the shower arm and the shower hose in hand to the head of the town. It is easy to forget to use teflon tape, but make sure you do asthis helps create a perfect seal. Make sure to wrap it clockwise is best.

You must also be sure not to overtighten the nuts or you may damage the threads. Always keep as close as possible, but do not exert too much pressure.
Mount Tub Spout

If you have a nozzle assembly of your hand shower head, you'll need to replace billed first. Use a penetrating oil, where the spout joins the wall, which will make it much easier to unscrew.

With a tub spout assembly, the showerhead typically need a wall mount. Ask yourself if you want to fix up or add a hand shower on the bath tap. The main problem with attaching low that you can not use it as a shower. Wherever you say, always put tape on the floor before drilling holes to prevent cracking of tiles.

Always check the instructions before starting work in order to have all the proper tools in hand.

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