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Bathroom Remodeling Options PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 25 June 2010 10:30
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Make no mistake. The most expensive room in the house to renovate or modify the bathroom. Prices for a simple upgrade could cost up to $ 15,000, and a full, high-end renovation will cost $ 40,000.00. If you're wondering why this is so, keep in mind that the bathroom is a moist and damp, and as such is a breeding ground for mold and wood damage.

You really have no idea until you are in the project or not damage or mold is there, and until then there is no turning back. So what do you do in a case like this? You set a budget, how much you can afford, and choose your new lighting. When any account of you, your budget simply does not stand the heat. The best alternative is to live with an updated or bathroom that is leaking? Of course not! Consider alternatives. The objective of this article will be on alternatives for a new bathroom remodeling.

First Things First

A great way to save money on this type of work is done largely on the work you can for yourself. Although it may take longer than you expected, it is a surefire way to keep things in the budget. Many things can be accomplished by making the average handyman. Some things must be done by a pro too, then look at the list of things you can probably do yourself.

* Install new baseboards
* From ceramic tile or stone, depending on skills
* Insulate the walls open
* The demolition
* Install toilets
* Install laminate flooring
* Paint walls
* Some electrical work
* Hang Drywall

Other things are best left to professionals. Trying to do it yourself could end up costing more than you save if things go wrong.

* Design and build a more
* Hardwood Install
* Replace a bearing wall
* Main electrical work
* Major plumbing work

As you can see, the Pro is on fire man in case of complex work. In considering these alternative, ask yourself if you have time and energy to complete your market share, or if you would rather do it pro. Bathroom tied for weeks while you "wait to get to it" can cause much friction in the house. On the other hand, you have the strength to have a team working in your home for one week ? It is always a consideration for you, especially if working outside. Also consider those things when you make a plan.

Remodel Alternatives Time

A good way to save money on remodeling a bathroom is to install a bathtub liner. These days, bathtub liners can even extend to the interior walls to make a decent shower stall. You then need to add the glass door or even a shower curtain and bathroom becomes a new look.

Installing mirrors in strategic locations is also a good alternative if you find that the room can not be greater, without major construction. Mirrors not only add visual dimension hollow, but making the camera lucida.

Another thing to consider when remodeling is to finish the existing bathtub. Porcelain, fiberglass, cast iron bathtubs can be restored. In the Victorian period style houses, you will often see a stand alone claw foot tub. Although difficult to find today, are stylish and are much more comfort than today's models. These tanks can be repaired at a very reasonable cost. It's a simple question for a pro to come and the first seal and paint the tub with a durable glossy top layer. The beauty of this is that you can choose the color. Remember, if you decide to demolish the room and remove the tub and shower, you ask to meet with infrastructure problems, especially in an old house.

The shower / bath unit is one of the most essential equipment in the bathroom. If your upgrade is presser for cosmetic reasons, and you can not live with the old shower stall, consider replacing it with a piece of pre-formed shower. The cost of this is well below the construction of a tile, and you have a good selection of colors available, too.

Whatever you choose to give, remember that a bathroom redo is a significant investment. If you're fixing up a bathroom to increase the resale value, and the travel plan and then use these alternatives to remodel your bathroom. Your budget will thank you.

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