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Answers to Your Humidifier Questions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 25 June 2010 12:59
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Q. I have an Aprilaire humidifier. The humidifier works only when I turn all the way to the maximum bet on the humidistat. Does this mean the humidity is blown?

A. In general, the humidity is just a switch that closes with call for humidity, most are low voltage connections. It should be easy to find a replacement.

Q. I have a slop sink about 10 feet from my oven. Is it fair to go for the Aprilaire 400 or can I simply run the line of flight along the wall of the sink?

A. Sure, go ahead - a leak is a leak. Pipe it with a drop of good in the sink.

Q. I try to install a whole house humidifier. I have a model of carrier 58sta1stx.What oven is the best type of humidifier to get? My house is 3000 square feet. What does the term humidifier bypass means?

A. Installing a humidifier is a work of craft. By derivation, it means the humidifier is on the decline or cold air duct and a small pipe is directed to the heating vent or plenum him. This lets the hot air over the water.

Q. Let me be the replacement of an older Aprilaire A112 with A700 and in an effort to avoid last minute trips to a vendor, I have a question for the experts. Switch is a "veil" a viable alternative to A50? My A112 has a current manual humidistat and sail switch, but no A50. The furnace was replaced and I could probably use the terminals humidifier, but it seems a fan sensor is more flexible.

A. A sail switch has too many reasons why it does not work. Maybe the dirt, or it may be a balance. Thus, humidifier works best if only on its own, and not on the shelf of the oven. This means to procure a current sensing relay to use. Check where you need: A50 to be 24 volts, or A51 120 volts. They function as a probe amp - just slip around the fan son. Whenever the fan is running, it will make if the humidifier humidistat requires.

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