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How to Change an Oil Furnace Thermostat PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 25 June 2010 13:00
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Change the thermostat that controls the operation of your furnace oil is an easy way to update your heating system. Replacing a thermostat including a thermostat dial type is made a little fresh with a long-term gain. Most modern thermostats have many features that can save you money on your electricity bills, but most important is perhaps the fact that you can set the thermostat at a specific temperature for harboring life of those in your household. You can maintain a lower temperature during the day, when everyone is gone, and set the thermostat to turn up the heat (or turn on the air) a bit before everyone goes home. Install new thermostat can be a bit intimidating for many people, but it is a project relatively easy do-it-yourself can be completed in a short period of time.
Tools and materials needed

* New Thermostat
* Screwdriver
Masking *
* Pen

Step 1 - Remove the old thermostat

Start by circuit breaker that powers the thermostat. Although there is not much electricity running to it, it is better to be safe. Remove the cover from existing thermostat. You should not unscrew the existing thermostat for the moment. You must first disconnect the cables. Depending on the style of the existing thermostat, you may have to remove it to reach the son.
Step 2 - Disconnect wiring

Disconnect each wire running to the thermostat, one at a time. Using masking tape and pencil, mark each wire with the corresponding letter on the thermostat when the wire is connected. Place a pencil next to the wall and wrap each wire around the pencil after you disconnected and prevent them from sliding backwards into the wall where they will be rescued.
Step 3 - Plug wiring

Each thermostat will be slightly different when the reconnection of the existing wiring. Read the instructions for the thermostat particular that you have chosen. There should be several configurations of wiring in the instructions, including at least one should meet your existing wiring diagram. Once you have identified the correct wiring configuration, reconnect the son to the new thermostat appropriately.
Step 4 - Install thermostat

You'll need to attach the new thermostat to the wall, usually by means of screws. In general, the dowels is useless, that the thermostat is not very heavy. Again, follow the instructions provided with the thermostat when wall mounting. In general, this means that the screwdriver to drive a couple of screws into the holes in the thermostat and the drywall behind it. Install the batteries are needed. Set the thermostat to the desired temperature, the days and times. Finally, turn back to electricity. Test the operation of the new thermostat by adjusting the parameters and monitoring of the furnace or air conditioning to ensure they are on or off appropriately.

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