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How to Fix a Broken Gas Furnace Ignitor PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 25 June 2010 13:05
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Most ovens do not work when the ignition gas furnace is broken. A gas furnace igniter is what ignites the gas, which is necessary to provide heat. Most furnaces are installed in buildings a flame detector and an igniter. If the igniter fails, the flame sensor does not work. Therefore, the gas supply will automatically shut down and the furnace will be shut down. Problems with a lighter gas heating can be set using simple techniques. However, if the ignitor does not work at all, it must be replaced. Here how you can fix your lighter broken gas oven.
What you need:

* Screwdriver
* Key
* Clamps
wire brush *
* Matches

Step 1 - Check the light

Turn off the oven. Check the witness and see if it lights up correctly. Light may go out several times or may not work at all. This indicates a problem with the thermocouple. If the pilot is operating normally, but the oven is noisy, the oven may need minor repairs. Also check the air filter if it is dirty, clean it. Clean the fan blades and lubricate the engine. Finally, inspect the strap attached to the engine.
Step 2 - Inspect the electrical service panel

Next step is check the electrical service panel and see if there is a circuit breaker or fuse has blown. Relighting the pilot light and check temperatures. If the heat does not set the burner air shutter. Clean burner ports. Check the temperature again and see if the light stays lit. If not, use a toothpick to clean up the nozzle.
Step 3 - Check the thermocouple

After cleaning the nozzle, thermocouple verify any visible damage. If the thermocouple does not work properly, you may need to replace it. Set the driver again and put a higher setting.
Step 4 - pilot ignition

Check the command button and put it on the driver. Hold a match in the port of gas pilot. Press the button and see if the lights are on. Hold the button until the flame begins to burn brightly. Gently release the pressure and turn on the position.
Step 5 - Replacing the igniter

If none of these technical, you need to replace the igniter. Turn oven off and open the access door. Unplug the wiring harness by pressing the tabs that hold the wiring. A screwdriver to remove the hexagonal screws that hold in the oven igniter. If the igniter is broken or severely discolored, it should be replaced. Insert the new igniter in the oven, with its tip inside. Using screws, attach the ignitor in the oven. Reconnect the electrical wiring and close the door to the oven. Turn the oven. Turn the burner to see if the igniter new job.

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