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How to Replace a Mobile Home Oil Furnace PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 25 June 2010 13:08
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If your mobile home oil must be replaced, you will find that the most important thing to keep in mind is that you'll need for a fan compatible with the new unit or you must change the system of ducts. It is the only way your oven is able to function correctly. Once you've been made aware of this, you will be able to spend to replace the oil furnace as you would normally.
Tools and materials needed

* New oil furnace
* In concrete or flame retardant panels (to provide protection to the floor and wall)
* Screws
* Gloves
* Mask
* Old towels or rags
* Screwdriver
* Drill with a screwdriver bit
* Key
* An assistant

Step 1 - Purchase a new furnace

The type of oven you will need to purchase will often depend on the size of the part of the mobile home where it is installed. However, you should always choose an oven that can heat well all parts of your mobile home. Generally, if you take the specification information of your old oil furnace, the dealer or home improvement stores can recommend a good replacement.
Step 2 - Safety First

Replacing your mobile home furnace oil is not very easy to use, and you'll have to pay much attention to detail, to avoid a fire. Before you begin replacing your furnace, make sure power is off and you turn the main breaker box to the oil furnace to "Off" as well. Always wear protective clothing and use a mask to protect themselves from dust and soot that can accumulate in your area oven. So before you begin, make sure the boiler tank is completely empty and there is no oil.
Step 3 - Remove from oven Stove Pipe

Depending on how the oven stove pipe is connected to the heater, you'll need to remove a screw or a key. First, remove seals exhaust outlet that attach to the furnace tube pan. Once done, use an old rag to clean the soot and dirt away from the pipe. Be careful when handling the pipe as it can easily be bent or disfigured. Be sure to wear gloves because the sharp metal edges can cause nasty cuts easily.
Step 4 - Remove the oil furnace

furnace oil in your mobile home will probably be screwed or bolted to the floor in place. Use a drill or a wrench to help remove the bolts or screws. Once you have removed the bolts from the oil furnace, make sure to make some friends to help you eliminate the furnace. In most cases, the oil supplied will be much too heavy to move by yourself.
Step 5 - Installation of New Fuel

Installing your new oil furnace is essentially the same process as the removal of the old, but in reverse. Therefore, having someone to help you set the furnace oil in place new, then the bolt or screw to the floor. However, you may want to consider installing new traffic signs on the walls and floor where the oil furnace will be installed. Once you have the oil furnace new bolted, just replace the exhaust pipe and make sure it is secure.
Step 6 - Complete the new furnace oil

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