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Electric Wire Color Code PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 26 June 2010 09:06
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If you work with electrical wire, you must understand what the color codes for various electrical means son. Not knowing this can lead to making bad connections, which can be dangerous. This is not complicated to learn, and information is vital to keep nearby when you are working on an electric wire. The son of each service a different function and color coding son will tell you what it is. Be aware, however, that sometimes there are exceptions.
Black Wire

The main thing you must remember is that the black wire is the hot wire power. He who is live and current carrying. Never, under any circumstances, try to use a black wire as neutral or ground wire. son black feed an outlet or switch, and you often use as Switch legs.
Red Wire

You will find that the son is often the second red hot electric wire when you're installing 220 volts. They are also used for the hot wire in the facilities of 100 volts and switch legs. son may also be red wire electrical interconnection between two wired smoke detectors.
Son green or bare

Green or bare copper supply will still grounded. Use these to give a grounding in safety for electrical equipment and junction boxes, they are always grounded to the box itself. Ground fault electrical connection can cause the device to short-circuit and cause a fire. Switches shall inherit the earth screw, as well as all electrical appliances.
Son blue and yellow

While you will not see the son blue and yellow with electrical appliances, you still need to know. They are used as hot and son are usually pulled in the conduit. You'll find blue used son as travelers switch to different applications, usually on three-way or four-way switches. They can also be used as Switch legs and in this scenario, you can usually find them in the fans or lights.

In contrast, the son yellow are almost always used as Switch legs and can be found in the tension points, fans or lights.
The white wire

The white wire power will always be neutral when working with 110 volts. It is possible that gray can be used as an alternative, but in most cases, the thread that you see will be white. Connect without concern to the common terminal in a jack or a junction box.

There are some exceptions to normal in color codes son. For example, when working with 240 volts and you have a cable with two conductors, the white wire can be the second hot wire. It can also be used as a leg or switch if you have a three-way switching. In this case, you must mark the white wire in a manner to show that it is not used as a neutral power to ensure that no mistake with him.

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