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3 Types of Electrical Conduit Weatherheads PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 26 June 2010 10:36
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There are many different types of electrical conduit Weatherhead suitable for different purposes. The idea of Weatherhead conduit is impermeable to water your system and protect it from water damage. Understand the different types of electrical conduit Weatherhead should make it much easier to weather your property and prevent damage caused by rainwater entering electrical conduits.

The right Weatherhead conduit is necessary to ensure that the electrical system of your home is not exposed to weather, especially rain.
Other Names for Weatherhead

There are actually a number of different names for Weatherhead who are all essentially the same thing. Weatherhead also called caps service entrance caps and time, they are designed as an entry point waterproof to allow maintenance of wiring in the building. They are used on both residential and industrial buildings and are used to deposit cable down the roof in the property. Weatherhead is important to use with electric and telephone cables when they come from above.

The weather head itself is the roof watertight, sealing the top of the duct. This method uses a rubber gasket to seal against the son and to prevent water from entering inside. The son will also air a drip loop to prevent the water tracking the cable and conduit.

The angle of the CAP pointing toward the ground. This is important because it contributes to help the flow of surface waters. Most building and electrical codes require the use of heads of time and they are also a common accessory on the telephone and electricity poles.
1. Different sizes

There are different sizes depending on the size of the Weatherhead conduit being used to transport the son to the bottom of your roof. It is important that the head time is the right size for the pipe to prevent water from entering inside. If it is too big or too small, it could cause problems.
2. Telephone and electricity

Telephone and electrical conduits Weatherhead work in much the same way. However, telephone ducts are often much lower because of the smaller of the cable used.
3. Materials

Weatherhead also available in a wide range of different materials. It is important to choose the right leads to employment. This will normally be made from the same material as the pipe is fitted with. This allows for a snug fit that will protect your home.

If you're not sure what type of Weatherhead necessary, you can always ask your local Home Hardware store for advice. They are normally installed as part of the installation utility companies which means that you should not really need to replace it yourself if it is damaged or broken.

Over time the rubber seal inside may perish could be a possible reason why the replacement may be necessary.

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