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4 Advantages of Using an Electronic Ballast PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 26 June 2010 10:45
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An electrical ballast is a very useful device, which is also known as a vehicle control. This device is capable of limiting the amount of current in electrical circuits. There are many different types of ballasts, all of these work differently and are more or less complicated.

One of the simplest types of electrical ballast resistors in series simply, it is often installed with LED or neon lights, because they will limit the amount of electricity flowing. A strong resistive works by converting part of the electrical energy into heat in large appliances that waste heat would lose too much energy. This requires a number of different types of replacement of ballasts that use inductors, and / or condensers. Some digital ballasts use microprocessors to control the ballast.
1. Facility Protection

Some units have negative resistance characteristics, meaning they are not able to control the amount of energy they consume themselves. If these types of devices have been used without ballast, causing the device to draw power until it is destroyed.

The purpose of the ballast is to protect sensitive equipment by increasing the resistance that imposes a limit on the amount of current in the circuit. There are many examples of devices that require the use of ballasts, some of these include the neon tubes and gas discharge fluorescent.

Without an electrical ballast to increase the resistance of these devices would not be able to run long enough to be beneficial. The light will burn and cause damage to your homes electrical systems.
2. Frequency Change

Standard mains is 60 Hz, most electronic ballasts have the added advantage of increasing the frequency over 20,000 Hz in some cases. This gets rid of problems with fluorescent lights flickering, because the frequency is much higher. Not only does this reduce the flicker, but it also increases the efficiency of lamps.
3. Increasing life

The use of ballasts will also increase the life of your lamp, because they reduce the level of current through the circuit. The ballasts themselves have a life but the cost of replacing a worthwhile.
4. Provide energy to boot

Another advantage of using an electrical ballast is that it will provide your lamp or other device with enough power to start. A fluorescent lamp requires a large amount of electricity to the arc and begin to produce light. Without a ballast for multiple devices simply would not be able to start properly.

A ballast is a very useful device that can be used in some situations. If you are in any doubt as to when you should or should not use a ballast so you can always ask for advice. The ballasts are typically used by fluorescent lamps in the houses although there are other devices that can use them too.

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