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How to Test a Washing Machine Motor Coupler PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 28 June 2010 11:39
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A washing machine that has a direct drive motor is equipped with a clutch motor and not a belt. Therefore, to examine the couplers, you will need to inspect the engine and washing machine. Follow the instructions below to test the hitch in your washing machine motor.
Tools and Materials

* Screwdriver
* Labels

Step 1 - Put the power and water

Before you begin, shut off the washing machine to avoid being electrocuted. Also turn off the water supply of the main valve.
Step 2 - remove hoses

Remove the main panel to locate the engine washing machine. If the pump is on the path of the car, you may have to remove the pipes. Before removing the hoses, mark their connection points with the labels to avoid confusion later. Loosen the screws and slide the clamp up the hose disconnect the hose.
Step 3 - Remove the pump and motor

Two clips hold the pump motor. Use a screwdriver to remove these and cover. Remove the pump so you can see the engine. Now you'll need to disconnect the electrical wiring, but not the son. Remove the engine.
Step 4 - Inspect the motor coupler

Behind the engine is the motor coupler. Separate 3 discs and review to see if they are damaged. If signs of excessive wear or cracks, you need to replace the coupler.

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