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How to Repair a Washing Machine that Overfills PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 28 June 2010 12:00
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Know how to repair a washing machine overflows can save you money because you will not have to hire a professional. A machine does not overflow it's time for a replacement, it can usually be resolved with time and patience.
Tools and materials needed

* New, rubber or plastic tube
* Toothbrush
Pressure * (if necessary)
Manifold Pressure * (if necessary)
* Fill Valves (if needed)

Step 1 - Determine if the electrical or mechanical

Before any repairs can be made, you must determine what type of problem you have to solve. You will need to differentiate between a mechanical or electrical problem. Turn the washing machine and allow it to fill with water. Then, push timer using the button. Then pull the plug connected to the wall. If a mechanical problem, the water continues to fill. If an electrical problem, the water stops. electrical problems are a little harder to fix.
Step 2 - Check that the pressure switch

If an electrical problem, start with the switch. The switch controls the water level. First disconnect the washer. Then find and open the console. The pressure switch has a rubber tube attached and which is generally clear or black. Remove the tube. Take the new rubber or plastic, and replace the torn.

the blowing pressure in the switch, listen for a click, followed by a second click when the pressure is released. The switch must be good, but just to confirm, taken in the washer. As water fills up, inhale and the pressure to jump again. The water stops filling when the switch is good. If not, replace the switch.
Step 3 - Check the pressure tubes

If the switch is good, the next place to look is the pressure tube was pulled the switch. Wipe the tip of the tube and blow air into it. Now the air is descending into the tank and there should be little restriction If there difficulty moving air in the tube, or port is blocked on the dome.
Dome Stage 4 - to decongest the ports or reservoirs

There are several ways to unblock the port or on the dome, according to the manufacturer and style machine wash. Some require the removal of the cabinet and bathtub, these repairs are best left to a professional.

Others require the removal of a clamp, located outside the tank. The pressure tube attached must be removed. Once it is the dirt "is seen. Take the pipe of a sink and rinse clean with warm water. It may be more" dirt "in the reservoir area. Use your brush teeth to clean this area.
Step 5 - replace the tube

If there is no problem pushing air through the tube, then the last step is to look closely at the tube. There may be a small hole, worn areas, or even chew marks from small animals. If this happens, your pipe should be replaced.

If a mechanical problem, the most common problem is the filling valve. This valve is located where the hot and cold pipes are attached to the washer.

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