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Installing a Category 6 Cable PDF Print E-mail
Written by Muzaam   
Monday, 28 June 2010 13:29
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A Category 6 cable or "Cat 6" cable used for Ethernet network through your computer. This cable transmits voice and data at speeds of 155 megabits of Internet per second (Mbps). It transmits data at a rate of 550 mega Hertz (or MHz). Category 6 cables are manufactured with 4 pairs of copper son were torn. Each twisted pair copper is larger 23 gauge, as opposed to the entire calibrated copper used for a Category 5 cable. The higher the gauge number, the larger the wire diameter. Category 6 cables are designed specifically to carry Gigabit Ethernet.

CAT 6 reduces system noise. It has an RJ-45 to its ends. When the standards of different cables are mixed, the signal on the cable sticks lowest category. Signal strength decreases with the length of the wire. A Category 6 cable is a Littler more difficult to install than Category 5 cable, because it is different. The son of copper are a little tighter in a category 6 cable. There are jacks and panels with sufficient precision to separate the pair cables. This makes installation easier. When you install a cable category 6 the additional security measures must be taken because of the sharp split cables.
Step 1 - All ports

Find the Ethernet network port on the network devices that require Category 6 cable.
Step 2 - Connect the cables

Connect one end of the Category 6 cable to the first device that you install the cable. The end of the category 6 cable resembles a large phone jack. This is called the RJ-45. Connect the other end of the category 6 cable network device where you want to install the cable category 6 seconds.
Step 3 Verify - the Login

Make sure the cables are clean and are not in a place where they will suffer any other type of damages. Check the capacity of your network to transfer between the two devices to ensure they work well together. They must have an Ethernet connection established successfully.
Councils to follow in your own class 6 Cable

* The RJ-45 are made for either solid conductors or stranded conductors. Make sure the card you use matches your type of driver.
* It is not easy to differentiate between the two just by looking. The wrong type of plug can cause problems intermission.
* If the cable does not work properly after installation, check if the son is in good order.
* Ensure that all son also extend fully to the end connector.
* All pins must be pushed to the bottom.

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