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How to Install an Automatic Cabinet Door PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 29 June 2010 09:33
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When preparing to install a cabinet door automatic, you need to buy the hinges of the doors and automatic retraction to replace the cabinets. This may include kitchen cabinets and bathroom, as well as other firms that you have the whole house.

cabinet door machine can be purchased from a home center, hardware or other woodworker. This task should take a person to complete even if it can be labor intensive depending on the number of cabinet door you intend to replace.
Tools and materials needed:

* Doors to automatic replacement of Cabinet
* Automatic Door Hinges
* Screw
* Screwdriver
* Drill
Wick *
Masking *
* Door Hardware Replacement

Step 1: Remove the old doors

Use a screwdriver to remove the old cabinet doors from their frames. Place the old side doors and remove the hinges and frame. Old doors are in good condition can be reused by simply replacing the hinges with automatic door hinges firm. If this is not possible, recycle all the doors that are recoverable.
Step 2: Install Automatic Hinges

Take the automatic hinges and screws and install them to make cabinet doors automatic. Doors that are 30 inches in length will need a third hinge in the center of the image. Use the drill and drill appropriate pilot holes to fix the hinge install automatically. The holes must be drilled in the cabinet doors replacement so they align with the holes of the hinge. masking tape can be used to create a level line, if it contributes to the position of the hinges.
Step 3: Install Cabinet Doors

Hang doors and automatic screw the hinges in place. Repeat this procedure for each automatic door hinges and cabinet doors, hanging each one. Remove the tape-level cache line after the installation of automatic door firm.
Step 4: Install the spare parts

Install the replacement hardware such as handles and pulls for cabinet doors complete machines. Use the drill to drill pilot holes if necessary.

cabinet doors should automatically go on their own when pushed. They should never Slam. Test each door to ensure that the installation was correct and that the automatic doors and hinges work properly. An automatic door does not close properly must be uninstalled and the hinge should be replaced by a hinge system that works properly.

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