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How to Wirelessly Automate Your Home PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 29 June 2010 09:36
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In January 2006, I began to develop what I consider to be a pretty robust home installation automation using Intermatic Z-Wave products to control my lighting. I fully integrated so that I can control my lights both manually through the use of various devices, and automated in a sense through my home automation software (CQC) and my Elk security system, which controls the rest my house. The CQC is the backbone of my entire home automation system. It connects to all the different devices I have (Intermatic USB, audio receivers, DVD megachanger, and much more).

Let's start with the exterior of the house and walk in the configuration. Some old houses in Northern California have changing rooms, which are usually located within an exterior door. Here I come in and remove my boots, then unlock the door and actually enter the house. The disadvantage is that if it is already night, I no longer have to waste electricity and leave the lights on until I go home, or install one of these enormous fires motion detector. It is not a very safe place. To resolve this problem, I installed the system for Elk, which detects movement in this piece. He tells CQC, which will tell the Intermatic Z-Wave USB controller to turn on the light (see Figure 1). This extra light also allows the security device hidden inside the folder sensor motion what happens. The light will not stay on if nobody is there. After a minute of no motion, CQC automatically mean Intermatic stick to extinguish the light input.

In the house, so I want to switch off the light right away, I can turn the light on and off using the keyboard of my security system. Using the same concept as above, I press a button on my Elk security system that tells CQC to have the Intermatic stick light switch (see Figure 2).

When I sit down to check my e-mail, I use a floor lamp next to my desk. However, I often forgot to turn off the night. Rather than use the lamp on / off switch directly, I connect a switch device Z-Wave. Now all I have to do is press the button mounted on the desktop, and it will tell the Elk CQC to turn off the light Z-Wave (see Figure 3). In this way, if I forgot to turn it off, CQC Intermatic USB stick and can take care of it automatically for me.

In the kitchen, I usually want to be able to extinguish the lights of others on or off, control system whole house audio, and often the arms of the magnetic lock on my the outer door. Using a wall Fujitsu Tablet PC, I can display a CQC where I can get an overview of the condition of the house and turn on or off at will (see Figure 4).

In the bedroom, a door sensor detects the floor as I opened the cabinet and the sign indicates Elk have CQC turn the light Z-Wave. Once I close the door, the load sensor of the Elk tell CQC to turn off the light. I have a tendency to bottom of the cupboard and forget that I turned the light. Thus, the light goes CQC Z-Wave automatically after 15 minutes.

Also, if I have already decided to go to bed, but I realize that I forgot to turn off all lights and stereos different, lower the heat, or arm the security system, I do not want to walk down. Do not worry, home automation to the rescue. I simply take the wi-fi Fujitsu Tablet on the side of his dock, and select what I want to settle since the CQC interface (see Figure 5). Of course, this may seem a little intimidating at first, but if you stop to look over it is very easy. Plus there's this nice big button at the bottom that says "the sleeping house."

Now, for most homes, this would be the end of the story. Not in my house. Sometimes I run home to get something, but I forgot to turn off any or all of the lights. Do not worry, I just take my cell phone, pull up the CQC UI (see Figure 6) and activate or deactivate all the lights that I want. Although I am, I usually can verify on the detection of movement and if someone called while I was on.

What's next? In my dream, I add voice recognition so I do not even need to use to use keyboards or switches to make things happen.

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