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How to Repair a Fluorescent Light that Flickers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 29 June 2010 10:08
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There are several reasons why you would need to have to fix fluorescent light fixtures. A fluorescent light may take some time, but they begin to fail when the tube of light begins to flash. This flickering is caused by a defective lamp socket that sends the electric charge of the bulb. Unless the light tube is black or gray, then you do not have to replace. This article will show you how to fix fluorescent light fixtures and save you money.
Tools and materials needed:

* Marker
* Electrical tape
masking tape *
Stripper *
wire cutter *
* Drink medical
swab *
Voltage tester *
* Taking fluorescent

Step 1 - Make sure the socket is at fault

When you set out to repair the fluorescent light fixtures you will soon understand that it is trial and error. Turn on the light and hear the noise or clicking, in addition to light flicker. This indicates that the bulb may need to be replaced. It is also light if the tube is gray or black. Another problem may be that the contacts on the plug should be cleaned. Use a cotton swab in alcohol to remove the signs of oxidation or discoloration. If none of these works, the problem is the outlet.
Step 2 - Security

Before repairing fluorescent fixtures you need to protect against electrocution. The obvious starting point is to turn off the light switch that is connected to. You should also put electricity out of this area with the switch in the proper junction box main. Before working with the son of the use of the voltage tester to make sure the power is off. You should use it repeatedly throughout the repair.
Step 3 - Remove the fluorescent lamp socket

You must remove the tube light before, you have access to the outlet. Enter the light tube at both ends and pull down with even pressure. Try not to squeeze the pipe too light or they may break. Once the light stick is removed from the device you can put it on a flat surface, but one of the straps on the sides so you do not drive.

Inspect the bolts and template to remove them and remove the cover. Use the marker and masking tape to identify the correct placement of the next son. Look at the son. If worn, black, fade or oxidized, and son cut an inch from where they connect to the socket. Discard the old outlet. Strip the ends of the wire in the fixture and the news thread that you purchased. Combining the new yarn with old yarn and wrap with electrical tape. Wrap wire around the new contact leads on the new socket and cover with electrical tape. If you son is well enough to remove the socket and replace it with the new. Replace the lid and bring to light, then turn it on.

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