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3 Halogen Floor Lamp Safety Tips to Consider PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 30 June 2010 05:28
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If you have a halogen lamp, then you may already be aware of the risks you are exposed to when using a halogen gas in the light of your room. The gas may be a risk of explosion, and then you can also get severe burns and damage if you use UV light on a regular basis. To get the most out of your lamp, you should consider taking some basic safety rules to help you control in your halogen lamp.
Understanding Risks

Before you buy a halogen lamp, you must understand why he is considered a greater risk of fire due to some other devices that can be used. Halogen lamp and makes the glass around it hotter than the fluorescent lamp does not mean, and this can cause serious problems if it ends up touching the element, or the surrounding surface of the bulb. Metal and glass both melt under heat, so you should be aware of this practice when safety standards.
Precautions burn and UV

Halogen light produces UV, which is sometimes left exposed when it is integrated into larger elements such as a streetlight. You can get a glass filter for your halogen lamp that will fit on the bulb, and there are others who may be covered with a protective color to block UV. With these inhibitors you should be at less risk of UV damage. You can also take extra precaution not to sit near the lamp, and not be near her for long periods of time.

You can also face the risk of burns if you accidentally touch the lamp. That might not be much of a concern for you, but you should be aware that young children are at risk of serious burns if they happen to touch the bad part of the lamp. Keep the hot part of the bulb out of the reach of children, but you also need protective barriers around the sides of the lamp to make it more difficult for children to reach the hot bulb ..

There are things you can do to manage the fire of the halogen. First, keep the hot parts of the floor lamp with combustible materials such as carpets and fabrics. You should also clean the quartz envelopes to ensure that grease and other debris do not damage the quartz envelope in which the bulb is placed. These particles heat up over the surrounding area, and burn the quartz. This can cause the bulb to fail or even explode, setting fire to nearby flammable objects around. Clean the crystal by wiping over with rubbing alcohol and let dry before you turn on the halogen lamp again.

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