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Wednesday, 30 June 2010 05:53
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Power is the most important to find the right standby generator for your needs. When the power goes out unexpectedly for an emergency generator will be useful, because you will not have to worry about setting off the bad food or a number of other things wrong. When looking for a generator you want to know how much power he will be able to manage.

• Start by finding the equipment and lights that you want connected to your generator.
• Next, you want to find the maximum power of each unit. Remember that you want maximum power and not the power running. If you use the power running your generator may not be able to manage all devices.
• When you add the power and all the devices you will know the minimum capability of power your generator will need to have.

How to calculate the power of your devices

Calculation of the power of your devices is not as complicated as it sounds. You want to multiply the stretching devices "by their intensity.

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