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Low Voltage Lighting PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 30 June 2010 06:01
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When the lighting installation for the exterior of your home, an option to consider is the installation of low voltage lighting. Flashlights and halogen lamps are examples of uses of low voltage lighting. Low voltage lighting has become very popular for outdoor lighting.

Low voltage lighting
As for computers, cell phones and rechargeable tools or hand vacuum, the low voltage outdoor lighting will need an adapter or transformer. In residential areas of tension is 220-240. Low voltage is considered as 12 volts. A transformer can be electronic or magnetic and is designed for step-down voltage of 12 volts required. Solar energy systems are also available.

Advantages of low voltage lighting
A low voltage lighting system offers many advantages. The installation is safe because of the low voltage and can be implemented by most any do-it-yourselfer. It is safe enough to install low voltage lighting, without having to turn the power switch, leaving the light on the visual aid. You will not really see the light of investment or appeal until the night, if you need to reposition the lights is a great advantage.

Outdoor lighting is usually sold in a kit that includes cable, lights, stakes, a timer and a transformer. You can add a more powerful processor or more lamps if necessary.

low voltage outdoor lighting provides safety in the home, the atmosphere, visibility and safety and is considered as energy efficiency.

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