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Wednesday, 30 June 2010 06:05
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There is much information on the Internet on a light. But not all of it is accurate. A lumen is the measure of what we see the power of light to be. This means that a person can see that very bright 1500 lumens, while the other person can see in the average. This is because the powers of light reflects the perceived sensitivity of the eye.

Some believe there is a conversion of light in watts or foot candles, but it is not. We can estimate that the maximum sensitivity of the human eye, which is 555nm green, that would equal 1 watt to 680 lumens.

This is not very practical, since each human eye perceives different colors differently. foot candles are the measure of light intensity.

For example, if you take a light and you have been spread over a large area you would have a lesser extent footcandle. The same applies if you were to focus the light, and therefore they can never be directly converted.

A measure Lumen bulbs

Although light can be directly converted into watts ago amounts General lumens depending on the bulb used.

• Incandescent - 120V 100W light bulb emits 1500-1700 lumens.
• Incandescent - 230V 100W light bulb emits about 1200 to 1400 lumens.
• Compact Fluorescent Lamp - 23W lamp emits about 1500 lumens.

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