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Choosing a Central Vacuum for Allergy Sufferers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 30 June 2010 08:43
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A central vacuum is an effective way to eradicate household allergens indoors. central vacuums are more expensive than portable vacuums, but they are more efficient and easy to use.
Basics of central vacuum

Contrary to traditional vacuum, central vacuum sucked the head in the dust collection unit to an external. This system eliminates the problem of dust particles, spores and other indoor allergens recirculation inside the house. It also reduces the noise level. Central vacuum systems engine and a manifold system permanently installed in a corner of the house. Thus, you simply plug-in from a lightweight hose and vacuum your home without pushing the vacuum apparatus. Therefore, central vacuum cleaners are also called integrated.
Select Central Vacuums

Once installed, central vacuum systems are difficult to resolve. Thus, when choosing a central vacuum cleaner, you must be sure of its relevance. If you are considering buying a central vacuum system to prevent households, allergic reactions, consider:
Venting Option: Vacuum cleaner bag or canister Central

It is the most critical aspect of a vacuum for allergy sufferers. The type of debris fan decides to empty the ability to reduce allergens in the home. People with allergies should always choose the disposable vacuum bag variety instead of bottles. Yes, canisters offer a storage space greater good, but they must be regularly emptied. repeated handling of the unit dust (absorber) increased exposure to allergens. In addition, cans should be able to accommodate a part of your home, away from the place of life. They are often installed in basements and attics. This type of installation is long and tedious. In addition, if the cartridge is too large, it must be installed near the main window. This increases the chances of debris enter the indoor air. However, a dust bag can be simply removed and discarded without any consideration of installation. In addition, a piping is necessary for installations canister. The tube carries the dust particles from the cartridge. This increases the chances of dust around the corner from where the drain tube passes.
Know your filter options

Many types of filters are proposed, including Retail, central vacuums. A large proportion of them are marketed as exhaust filters. However, the filters must be changed after sustained use. They can be repeatedly stifled due to vacuum every day. This increases the need to treat (replace / repair) filters loaded with dust. However, the central vacuum system with suction ventilation (cyclonic or centrifugal) not to use a filter. Here, the dust is sucked through the hose and power-vented to the outside. It also represents a more thorough cleaning of the house.
Select Accessories Central Vacuum

You should opt for vacuum head with brushes. In addition, the brush hairs is recommended. This increases the capacity of a vacuum cleaner to remove dust particles more in less time. This is especially recommended for homes with sites typical allergens, such as carpets and thick fabrics. If you are allergic to chemicals, choose a central vacuum system that offers stain accessories as part of the vacuum head.

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