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Clogged Toilet: How to Remove Toys and Objects PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 30 June 2010 08:48
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A blocked toilet is always a great frustration, especially when it is a toy or other small objects that creates the butcher. And have you noticed, blocked toilets can never reach a timely manner? If your toilet has become blocked or clogged, the following seven steps will help eliminate clogging.

Things you'll need:

* Dishwasher
* 5-gallon bucket
* Toilet Auger
containing dip *
* Chemical drain cleaner

Step 1 - Family members Question

Sometimes it is difficult to determine what is actually clogging the toilet. Start by doing a little investigative work and interviewing family members to determine what type of objects may have been mistakenly thrown in the toilet. In determining what may have been in the toilet, you can tell if it's something that must be removed or if it's something that could be dissolved with a chemical.

Step 2 - draw water from the bowl

If the toilet has overflowed, rags or newspapers distributed around the base of the toilet to absorb extra water overflowed. Start scooping water from bowl with a small container with a wide open as a coffee can or plastic jug old. Leave just enough water in the bowl to cover a piston if you need to use one. Before you begin to plunge the bowl, ensuring that the rubber piston completely covers the drain hole and the water remaining in the bowl covers the rubber piston.

Step 3 - Use a plunger

Gripping the handle of the piston, start pressing firmly on the plunger up and down as quickly as possible. It is important not to be too aggressive because it may cause damage to the toilet. If you are lucky and the blockage is not too large, the force of the water output of the hoof.

Step 4 - Use an auger

If the obstruction is not relieved by the piston method, the next step would be to operate a screw in the drain hole and begin to turn. You can often remove toys and other hard items with this method when plunging does not work.

Step 5 - The use of a chemical de-Clogger

If the auger method does not solve the problem, try a chemical-Clogger. The purpose of a chemical-Clogger is to dissolve items such as toilet paper too, fabrics, etc., which could block the drain. Using the best products, you will generally find the value of the extra money you pay for it. Carefully follow the directions of the manufacture and use rubber gloves and a mask to protect against chemical vapors.

Step 6 - to prevent water from flowing into the toilet bowl

Before the flush again to determine if the butcher has been removed, remove the lid of the toilet tank and increase the free float in the tank. This will prevent water from overfilling the tank and flowing into the toilet bowl. where it can spread on the ground.

Step 7 - Call a professional

If you fail to use the previous steps, it is now time to call a professional

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