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Clogged Toilet: When a Plunger Is Not Enough PDF Print E-mail
Written by Muzaam   
Wednesday, 30 June 2010 08:50
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The friend of porcelain yet, it is clogged and the plunger does not work. There are some things you can try before having to take the toilet completely on the ground for some surgery room / WC.

There are a few things to make sure when you try to unblock your toilet. Make sure there is enough water in the bowl to cover the plunger when you try to use it. Also, take a bucket that you might need to drain a little water. You do not want too much water in the bowl that will keep the working piston as good as possible. Make sure to put old towels on the floor around the toilet because no matter how careful you are, it is very likely to get water on the floor. Also, when you remove all the container cap. This will ensure that even if the toilet started to overflow, you can pass the ball to prevent water from flooding the bathroom floor.

Clogged toilets are not fun at all, but when a diver is not enough you can really frustrating. The next best thing to try is an auger. An auger is a tool for snake, as the curve down into the toilet to push all free trapped debris. The toilet is a "S" shaped curves which water flows out of him. The toilet paper has to travel in a curve and it can easily be blocked. Use the auger to go as far as possible in the toilet, then turn the auger handle until snug. This will let you know that you have reached deadlock and once you close, you can begin to remove the rear screws. Blocking should recede and free or push it down the drain.

You can also try the dish soap and warm water method. Take a bucket of hot water, not boiling, just hot, and mix with 2 tablespoons of dish soap. Pour water into the toilet about half an exhaustive and let stand for about fifteen minutes. Sometimes, the heat will help release the cap. After fifteen minutes, if the water level has dropped some, put in more water and see if it will continue to descend.

If the piston, screw, and dish soap does not work, you are left with few options. Of course, you can hire a professional, but this is something a doityourselfer can do, and you will save money. You must remove the toilet from the floor and go to the bottom drain. Make sure you turn the water line off and drain all water from the tank and bowl. Remove the caps from the bottom bit of the tank and unscrew the bolts. Take the bowl on the ground and rolled upside down. Try the auger from the end and that should work. Good luck with your friend from china!

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