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Comparison: Industrial vs. Commercial Vacuum Types PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 30 June 2010 08:55
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The difference between a commercial vacuum and an industrial vacuum cleaner is essentially what they are used. If you are a cleaning service whose primary clientele is the offices and homes, and a shop vacuum will do. If you AORE in the cleaning sector places like construction sites, factories, or sites to the outside, then a more robust industrial vacuum will be able to manipulate materials on the hard ground.

A comparison between the two types of vacuum cleaners.
Commercial Vacuums

* These types of cleaners will be your upright or canister vacuums. The basic shape looks like a vacuum cleaning, but the difference is in the material it is built from. A high quality plastic or even metal will be used for the envelope.
* Commercial vacuum cleaners do not understand your dry vac for your relatively small spills. They can pick up more spills, but Äôll just take some time to do so.
* A commercial vacuum generally doesn, Aot have many attachments, because they are often used in different places. Multiple accessories are easily lost that ISN Aot profitable for the business owner. They also have long strings.
* A magnetic strip is often placed in front of commercial depression to reduce the amount of metallic materials such as paper clips and tacks into the void. This will be a powerful magnet.
* The air filters are an important factor with a shop vacuum. While general office space aren, Aot concerned with air filtration, places such as hospitals and daycare centers can be.
ISN noise * Aot really a problem, especially with the better brands. An exhaust pipe can be installed to reduce the noise of a shop vacuum.

Industrial Vacuum

* These aren, Aot generally your typical upright vacuums. When you see a quality industrial vacuum cleaner you know Äôll and may well be satisfied that the operator would be able to suck in the unit if they wish. They are usually constructed with heavy metal materials. These are the types of vacuums that are cumbersome and often require more than one person to lift, even though they may be exercised at all. Some resemble a lawnmower. Others have to be mounted on a truck. The industrial vacuum cleaner is often driven by the operator.
* The use of these won, Aot for your workspace general office scanning, even on a large scale. They are the types that can be used outdoors for things like concrete, sticks and brush, dirt, waste and toxic materials, asbestos, and the tides, like many, many gallons .
* Air filters for industrial vacuum cleaners will be on a large scale and will be for fine particles often so dangerous.
* The engines of industrial vacuum, of course, be stronger than the shop vacuum. Noise is often a problem due to the heavy nature. Industrial vacuum muffler can be installed but often make a small difference.
* The last and biggest difference, besides the difference in usage, is the price. The industrial vacuum cleaners are often cost thousands of dollars compared to hundreds devoted to a commercial vacuum.

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