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How to Use a Floor Squeegee PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 30 June 2010 10:41
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A floor squeegee is a great cleaning tool that can make your home sparkle like new floors. In addition to being very effective cleaning tools, squeegees soil are very simple to use.
Tools you will need

* Floor scraper
* Floor Cleaning Solution
* Washcloth absorbent
* Paper towels
* Sponge
* Mop

Step 1 - clean your floor

Prior to the use of your floor squeegee, you will need to give your floor a thorough cleaning. To do this, apply either a commercial floor cleaning solution or a traditional soap and water mixture to the floor you want to clean. Once the solution has been applied, use a sponge, washcloth, paper towel or mop to go over the ground and devastate dirt deposits. Then use a brush to apply water to the freshly cleaned surface to rinse your cleaning solution.
Step 2 - Use your floor squeegee

After cleaning your floor, you should now run your squeegee on the wet surface. When you perform this step, take care to run the squeegee on the floor of a way from top to bottom and make sure you use a broad, even strokes. Once you've spent on the entire surface, the squeegee has removed the pieces of dirt and persistent view of your floor a nice shine without trace. Thoroughly rinse the blade in hot water before its next use.

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