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7 Tips for Using a Window Squeegee PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 30 June 2010 10:44
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A window scraper is a handy tool that allows smooth, streak-free cleaning on windows. If you clean your windows with soap, water and table cloth, you invariably end with a thin, patchy appearance on the surface of the glass. However, a squeegee removes all water from the surface, leaving a mirror finish. Here are some tips for using a window squeegee.
1 - Get all your collaboration tools previously

To wash the windows, you'll need a mild detergent such as Dawn ® dishwashing liquid, a 5 gallon bucket for mixing, water, sewage or a washer, scraper or blade, a squeegee A scale for more windows, a squeegee, spare blades for the squeegee and a little housekeeping, pieces of soft tissue. Keep these items on hand in advance is useful because it will make your job of cleaning and faster.
2 - Ensure that the blade squeegee Sharp

To do its work, a squeegee must have a sharp blade. The blade is made of rubber. A new blade has two sharp edges that can be exchanged when one of them becomes dull with use. If your squeegee blade is not sharp turn around the other side or replace the blade.
3 - Use a squeegee to the corners and edges

It's a good idea to keep a small hand scraper, in addition to 10 or 12 inch blade you use primarily. A small squeegee is ideal for smaller frames or windows and also to get all the moisture from the edges and corners.
4 - Choose between a puck with a stick or a sponge scrubber

To apply the solution of soap on the window, you can use a sleeve on a handle sewage. For small windows, a sponge will work equally well. To wipe the excess water, you should keep a few pieces of soft, clean cloth handy. You can use cotton or microfiber to that effect.
5 - Wipe the window with the soap solution

The first step is to remove all the dry dust and cobwebs with a broom. After that, you can apply a uniform layer of soap solution on the glass.
6 - Use a scraper or a blade to remove dirt and labels Stuck

To remove bird droppings, stuck on the dirt and debris or old labels of the window, you'll need a plastic scraper. Scratch the surface gently until the residue comes off.
7 - Wipe the water with squeegee

After removing the accumulated material on the window, you can apply another layer of soapy water. Use the window squeegee to remove the soapy water. You can move the blade up and down or side to side. It is important to cover the coverage area so that one end of the blade is always dry. This will prevent streaks. You can also shake the window squeegee in a movement similar to the letter S. It is a technique used by professionals to save time. You can use pieces of cloth to wipe the water that accumulates at the bottom of the window.

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