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How to Safely Use Termite Poison in Your Home PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 01 July 2010 06:21
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A method of treating or preventing the infestation of termites year is through the use of poison against termites. Termites are tiny insects survive is the cellulose found in wood and will eat their way through "some of the major areas Almost Home," as the walls and stairs for small articles and books TEL executives have. A termite infestation should be treated today by a professional company because of the volume of chemicals involved. Leaving even a small number of termites in a house they may simply be catastrophic again. The treatment methods most frequently is to drill several holes in the base of the concrete slab of the house to inject chemical poison that will kill the termites.

You need

A kit based chemical termite control

Step 1: using chemical barriers

Dig a trench around the outside of the house until the foundation and the concrete foundation slab edge exposed. Take care to dig into the base around "all utility pipes as they provide a bridge for the year if not treated against termites inside thoroughly. Drill holes in the deck concrete at regular distances for access to land below.

Injecting chemicals into the holes in concrete gold spot, or "caps on concrete finishing holes. Last caps will cut easier access When will be supplemented by chemicals. The soil surrounding the foundation should be completely saturated with the reasons of termite poison highest level of protection. It is imperative that the gaps are not allowed to have termites can through a hole the width of the head of a pencil.

Fill the trench with soil after application of normal chemicals. Many professional companies will include a regular monitoring program to watch for tracks of termites in their installation package. The chemicals should be completed between 5 and 10 years for continued protection, if the soil is not disturbed during this period. If "all changes are made to the house had barrier against termites Must be included otherwise it will be weak points for termites to exploit.

Step 2: Use chemical baiting

An alternative or supplement to the barrier treatment is to use a termite bait. Place a cellulose bait pieces of untreated wood or cardboard are such in the ground at intervals around the house.

It is not attractive to termites in the ground bait can be a lengthy process for a homeowner to have the bait must be monitored to verify oz months activity. The chance to discover the termites can be increased by installing a larger number of bait stations around the property.

Once there was "a" hit "replace the bait with one that has been chemically treated. Getting the right balance of the poison bait is important for effective treatment. It is more desirable to use This slow-acting bait will she passed Members of other colonies rather than having termites die immediately because it can simply take the rest of the colony to move to another area.

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