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3 Safety Tips when Using Termite Chemicals PDF Print E-mail
Written by Muzaam   
Thursday, 01 July 2010 06:44
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Although many chemicals are safe against termites and is of very little danger to humans and animals, it is always important to take some precautions. Safety should always be your primary concern when it comes to any type of chemical, regardless of the size of a risk it may pose.
Tip # 1 Security - well water and soil treatments

Keep pesticides out of your water tank as well. Like most treatments against termites requires a barrier be placed around the house in the ground, it is imperative to stay away from the earth which comes into contact with your property. The soil absorbs pesticides and poisons, enter your drinking water, which could affect you and your family.
Security Council No. 2 - Treatment of dust

It is important to wear a protective mask if you chose to go with a treatment of dust. If inhaled, the treatment of dust may cause asthma-like symptoms. The dust has been to create long-term complications breathing if inhaled in high doses.
Tip No. 3 safety - protective clothing

No matter what treatment you choose, it is imperative to wear protective clothing and keep skin contact to an absolute minimum. It is also vital to maintain a treatment outside the areas of food preparation.

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