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How to Repair Built-In Ironing Board PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 01 July 2010 12:07
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A high-ironing board is a device that pulls down from a cupboard. It is connected to the rear of the board, usually by screws and other fasteners, but it can also be connected via a swing like a Lazy Susan. The ironing board itself may be a little difficult to maneuver, but the main problems are not to be able to get the board out of the closet, or legs and other parts of the board failed. Solving these problems should not be difficult for anyone with some knowledge of renovation, and following some simple rules you can do the job quickly and easily.
Hardware Requirements

* Screwdriver
* Screw
* Key
* Hammer
Exercises *
Oil *
* Liquid soap

Step 1 - Paste

If your problem is the board to stick to the inside of the cabinet, and do not draw properly, then you should be able to make a difference by removing the plate from its support. Using your screwdriver, remove all the screws and take the board completely out of the closet. Clean any dirt or debris around the hinges and screws, using liquid soap and a sponge and wipe off the hinges and handle. Add a little oil here could also be very useful. Hinges should be easy to move. If you have any difficulties, or there is corrosion in the hinge, you have to replace that part with a brand new.
Legs Step 2 - Failing

If the board is not a new one, you can see that the legs that support the board when he leaves the cabinet does not always succeed. This can happen in two ways, the legs might collapse during the ironing is done, ie folded abruptly, or they may be too stiff to get out. The screws that hold the legs in place can be removed and replaced by new ones, or they can be cleaned and replaced. The brackets that attach the legs can be removed from the board and placed in a bowl of soapy water. Leave them for 3 or 4 minutes, then rub dirt or debris loose. When installing new screws, tighten them as far as possible, to prevent the legs from moving too loose in the bracket.
Step 3 - Repair Coverage

The coverage of a high-ironing can become very messy over time. This problem is down to age and wear, but that does not mean you can not remove it and replace it with another. There are a lot of ironing board, available in local stores to renovate the house, and they simply be attached to a top of the plate without removing the cover.

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