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5 Closet Shelving Ideas PDF Print E-mail
Written by Muzaam   
Thursday, 01 July 2010 12:17
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Well thought closet shelving can provide that little extra space you need a wardrobe full expansion.

There is no closet shelves ready for use formula, but well-planned closet shelving can create storage space that you never thought existed. Here are some ideas for storage cabinets to help you coordinate arrangements.

1. Shelves best law is one of the segments that space with a variety of shelves, cubbyholes, and stems at different heights.
2. organize clothes into categories and determine the amount of space they take if they are suspended from a bar. You can get closet shelves as dividers and modular units of different sizes for every time you think there is an area from the waste.
3. Add shelves to the bottom where you can put seasonal clothes or less used as waterproof clothing.
4. Add a shelf about a foot from the ceiling for extra blankets and pillows that you will use from time to time.
5. It is better to use screws instead of nails when installing closet shelving. This way you can easily rearrange the shelves when you like.

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