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How to Make Wooden Hangers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 09 July 2010 09:24
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A wooden hanger is generally better for metal clothes hanger. You can even have them customized with just the right curve of your clothes. Here are five steps, you can use to do yours.
Tools and materials

* Metal Hanger
* Sandpaper
* Pencil
* Band saw (or jigsaw)
* Wood 1 inch thick
* Brass or screw in the hook costume
* Drill and small bits
metal hook *
* Varnish

Step 1 - make a model

Put a hanger on a piece of wood 1 inch dish. Use a pencil to mark each end of the hanger. Make a slightly curved line from one brand to another.
Step 2 - Cut out the template

Use a jigsaw or band saw to cut the template that you just made, leaving a piece of bent wood 1-inch thick.
Step 3 - on the edges

With a router on the edges of the curved piece that you did. Finish smoothing the edges with sandpaper.
Step 4 - Attach the metal hook

In the middle of the piece of bent wood, and the top of the curve, drill a hole a little smaller than the diameter of the metal hook. Then screw the hook into the hole you drilled.
Step 5 - Finish

Finally, varnish or paint on finite support.

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