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How to Build a Ramp for Your Wood Shed PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 09 July 2010 09:56
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A ramp may be needed for your woodshed to increase accessibility. Ramps are useful additions not only for people with disabilities but also for ease of moving heavy objects in the hangar. Before building, you should prepare a plan and make a list of all the materials used so that you can get the approval of competent authorities.
Tools and materials required

* Treaty pressurized timber beams
* Sheets of plywood
* Plywood panels
* Power Saw
* Electric Screwdriver
* Screw Steel
Tape measure *
* Gloves
* Facemask
* Safety glasses

Step 1 - take appropriate precautions

Since wood involves the use of power tools, you should study the instructions and safety manuals before you start working on your project. The use of gloves is recommended to allow a better grip on tools and for security reasons. Wearing a mask and safety glasses offer protection against wood dust and debris. Therefore, they must be worn at all times. Always keep a bottle of water handy to prevent dehydration.
Step 2 - Project Planning

To successfully build a ramp, you need to plan the entire project in advance. A ramp is composed of side walls with wooden beams between the two. Under the guidelines, the ramp shall have a height of one inch for every 12 inches in length. This ratio should be referred to while measuring plank of wood in the steps. The framework with the side walls and wooden beams is then covered with sheets of plywood polite. This makes the surface of the ramp. In addition to this, two pieces of plywood should be used to make a landing stabilized at the beginning and end of the ramp.

Step 3 - Measuring the forest

Use a tape measure to measure the sideboards and wooden beams. The measures depend on the length of the ramp will be made. Remember the report mentioned above and cut the sides that look like triangles with right angle (height, length and slope). The length of wooden beams depends on the width of the ramp. After the appropriate entries have been taken, go to the next step.
Step 4 - cut the wood

Use an electric saw with caution. To begin cutting the wood, place the wooden planks and sheets on a work table stable. This will ensure that the cuts are precise and well finished. Cut leaves and wood panels for different brands of fact. A also reduced the plywood panels that will be used to make landings. These should cover the entire width of the ramp. After this is done, go to the next step.
Step 5 - Attaching the pieces together

The use of screws is recommended for this purpose. Make sure you use a strong electric screwdriver for this. Attach the sides to the wooden beams with steel screws. Similarly, attach the plywood ramp. It is useful to ask someone to help you do it from long pieces of plywood can be difficult to handle. Use stainless steel screws to attach plywood panels on the main body of the ramp. This should be done before fixing sheets of plywood on the ramp.

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