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How to calculate your needs insulation PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 21 June 2010 12:33
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How to calculate your needs insulation

To calculate how much insulation you need, you have to take into account the following: The area of the house you are insulating your microclimate, how pre-existing insulation you have (if any), and the type of insulation you have, or would like to install.

Key areas to check for insulation and include the completion of attics and unfinished, the exterior walls, basement, and between the walls and hot spots is hot (such as those between your home and garage), and floors over unheated (such as those mentioned above and garages crawlspaces unheated).

Ideal of R value, you will need to achieve depends on the area of your home and your area. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, and the ideal R-values ranging between 30 and RR 60 for attics, from 13 to RR 30 for floors, Loire from 13 to 21-year search for the wall cavities. To know the recommended R-values for your specific application, climate, and visit the Department of Energy or connect to your home improvement stores or local retail center separation.

Follow these steps to calculate how much insulation you will need to be added to areas that already have a kind of isolation:

1) to verify the insulation and the measure in the wall, turn off the electricity to your home, and continues to cover the electrical outlet, and insert a hanger in the open space. Use this investigation to measure the depth of the special isolation as well as to pull and inspect the type of insulation you have (you may need to fashion your hanger to link light to remove some articles). You can drill a small hole in areas without cover to access the port (such as between the Earth and the ceiling) to get your measurements. In the attic that had not been completed, just a slip of the Governor of Commons and isolation between the word list to see the depth of the article.

2) Then, multiply the depth of existing insulation (in inches) by the R-value per inch for the type of insulation you have, you can check your home improvement retailer if you are unsure of the value of R per inch your material. The resultant figure is the total value of R insulation that you have.

3) Now, put the total R-value of your existing insulation value of R is ideal that you want to achieve. This difference represents the amount the value of R will need to add value to achieve the recommended.

4) Finally, divide the number of research value in an inch of insulation you plan to install. This number tells you how many inches of additional insulation you will need.

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