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Home Heating - Fireplace & Wood Stove
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Heating homes is an essential part of keeping your home comfortable and housing. Fireplace and stove wood has long been the most popular ways to heat the room, and the former has become more ubiquitous with the introduction of gas stoves, which removes the wood smoke and the risk of fire associated with the classic wood-burning stoves. Most of the houses, however, depends not only on the fireplace or wood stove for heating. By electricity, provided the boiler or oil and gas or oven to heat the whole house. These days, many homes use electric heating appliances with heat pump, such as the board or heater.

If heat comes from your fireplace or electric heating system, and it's a good idea to be familiar with basic repair and maintenance in order to be able to solve problems and get your heating working again as soon as possible. The following articles provide advice on various issues related to home heating, such as maintenance and how to install a fireplace wood stove.

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