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  • Latest   ( 7 Articles )
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    Featured How To Do It Article

    How To Do It

    A new tile backsplash can quickly and beautifully updated the look of kitchen counters. And if you've never done this job, you may be pleased to learn that it's a relatively easy do-it-yourself. As a backsplash need not be as impervious to moisture as a kitchen counter, and do not receive the same level of wear, the tiles can be adhered to the wall with mastic, which is much easier to use as mortar, adhesives for tiles typical of the counter. This article explains how.


  • Air Conditioning   ( 50 Articles )
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    Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilating

    The plumbing, heating, air conditioning and ventilation make your home a habitable place to live. The articles below will help you keep your drains blocked, your septic system work, your heat and air to operate efficiently, and air ducts in your ventilation system clean and free of leaks

  • Air Conditioning and Ventilating   ( 51 Articles )
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    Air conditioning and ventilation system is essential to keep your house cool and dry, and comfortable. This section of provides you the information you need to know about understanding your air conditioning and ventilation, and keep maintined well.

  • Home Electronics and Automation   ( 50 Articles )
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    Home electronics is a fast way we interact and communicate with the world. Automation can be linked together now your home electronics, adding security and control and efficiency to your home. The articles below will help you better understand how to run and set up electronics inside your home.

  • Household and Cleaning   ( 50 Articles )
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    Cleaning and household safety tips will make your home overall a better place to live. In this section you’ll learn how to remove stubborn stains, ways you can protect your home from indoor and outdoor hazards, techniques that will help you organize your home, and how to clean and care for household pets.

  • Organizing Your Home   ( 33 Articles )
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    Organized house is easier said then done. Hasher sessions, packed, tanks and basements full of chaos, confusion soon become familiar to many homeowners. The articles in this section help you to build shelves and other room or closet organizers that will keep your house clean and clutter-free.

  • Bathroom Repair and Installation   ( 52 Articles )
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    Restoration of bathrooms and bathroom equipment installed can be achieved through knowledge of any do-it - yourselfer it. The articles in this section help you install new bathroom sink, replace your old shower or tub, toilet and repair your broken. Start updating and repairing your bathroom today!

  • Home Heating - Fireplace & Wood Stove   ( 50 Articles )
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    Heating homes is an essential part of keeping your home comfortable and housing. Fireplace and stove wood has long been the most popular ways to heat the room, and the former has become more ubiquitous with the introduction of gas stoves, which removes the wood smoke and the risk of fire associated with the classic wood-burning stoves. Most of the houses, however, depends not only on the fireplace or wood stove for heating. By electricity, provided the boiler or oil and gas or oven to heat the whole house. These days, many homes use electric heating appliances with heat pump, such as the board or heater.

    If heat comes from your fireplace or electric heating system, and it's a good idea to be familiar with basic repair and maintenance in order to be able to solve problems and get your heating working again as soon as possible. The following articles provide advice on various issues related to home heating, such as maintenance and how to install a fireplace wood stove.

  • Electrical and Electronics   ( 50 Articles )
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    Household electrical wiring is not an easy task. However, with the help of our articles of electrical and electronic, you can easily install the main lights and added an electrical outlet, updating switches, connecting home theater wires, and repair of household appliances, home electronics operation. We make the home electronics and wiring projects made easy!

  • Appliances   ( 50 Articles )
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    Devices are an important part of everyday life. They help us to cook food and keep our food, washing and drying clothes. This section is designed to help you buy a new, efficient use of leads to your needs, and the reform of old devices that were not quite ready to put it in the trash.

  • Home Lighting & Home Ceiling Lighting   ( 50 Articles )
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    Home lighting is an important aspect of your living space. Lighting not only provides the lighting, but it can also be the key internal and external design elements. Finding the right lighting create a pleasing, yet functional décor is not hard when you have many options at hand, but can also be a bit overwhelming. For example, how do you know what kind of bulbs incandescent lamps, or quartz halogen light is more suitable for your needs? "

    Will help the following articles to answer questions such as they guide you through the internal lighting and the options for outdoor lighting, different types of ceiling and wall lighting fixtures task phones, such as halogen lamps and spotlights, as well as tips on electrical work in basic instructions on how to wire your lights.

  • Cleaning and Stain Removal   ( 50 Articles )
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    Difficult to remove, to clean tough stains is what this section is everything. Now you can win the war against stains caused by foods and beverages, inks, paints and adhesives. The Section also provides useful tips on how to clean to clean the surface of various materials and cleaning products that work and how to reduce the amount of time spent cleaning.

  • Indoor Hazards   ( 50 Articles )
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    Can be an internal risk a wide range of matters ranging from air quality to your invasion of termites in the wood sector. And provided the following sections cover the risks of internal is important that all homeowners need to be aware of. Protect your home from poisonous gases, and the incidence of error and toxic mold before it is too late.

  • Exterior Home Improvement   ( 3 Articles )
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    Maintain the exterior of the house can improve the functionality and efficiency, as well as increasing curb appeal. This section provides information materials for building materials, gutters and drainage, and maintenance of the driveway and sidewalk additions and renovations to the outside, and maintenance and repair roofs. With our partners in helping any home improvement project, the outside is too difficult!

  • Automotive Repair   ( 2 Articles )
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