About Me

Welcome to Top Online Biz Review! My name is Anthony and I am the founder of Top Online Biz Review. I am a current medical student that used to work in the tech field as a developer and eCommerce Manager.

So, why did I create this website? I didn’t want my experience to go to waste, so I want to bring forth content that I believe would help small business entrepreneurs or individuals with a dream of breaking free of a 9-5 life.

I started building websites in 2010 and have been successful at consulting small business and medium sized eCommerce business making 6-7 figure monthly incomes. I found success in finding problems in businesses and creating strategies that helped businesses recover from their early mistakes.

I have also dipped my toes and created a mobile app that is on the iOS store and I am looking to expand into a SaaS business in the future.


-Last Update: January 2021

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