Business Tools I Use

In my 10 years of experience with creating and advising online businesses. I have started curating a list of software and products I use to make my life easier. I hope you find these as useful as I have!

In an effort to be transparent with my audience. I negotiate steep discounts for these tools for you all to benefit. If you end up clicking on the link and purchasing these products, I get back a little commission. 

This really helps me keep the website going and I appreciate it very much. Thank you!

Internal Linking

I created Link Whisper to solve my own need. Internal linking has a huge impact on your site, but it takes forever and can be hard to do well. Link Whisper uses AI to check your content and then suggests relevant internal links in seconds. This makes the process of internal linking fast and easy for your site.

Content Providers

This is the writing service I recommend above all others. They did a lot of my writing for Niche Site 4 and I was blown away. They hire the top quality writers to churn out great content. Check out our full Content Pit review here. You can also use my affiliate link to get 30% more words on any order.

Updated 1/23/2021

I try to keep this list updated as often as possible. Usually I will update once a month or when I need to update a software that I stopped using or found a better value elsewhere. For the most part, I use these tools on the daily or weekly for my businesses.

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